Biography of Martha Whitmore Hickman

Martha Whitmore HickmanMartha Whitmore Hickman (December 9, 1925 – January 17, 2015), a well-known American author of the so-called self-help books, was born and grew up in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Her parents were George Whitmore and Ruth Carr Whitmore. Martha was a Christian, and that significantly influenced her writing, mission and life goals.

Martha W. H. went to a local school and graduated from the Mount Holyoke College in 1947 with a Bachelor degree. Then she moved with her family to Pennsylvania and spent some years in Nashville before moving to Los Altos in 2006. On graduation in 1947 she found a job as an assistant and editor at American Baptist Publication Society in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She worked there till 1950 and in 1951 she started working as a teacher at Lincoln St. Nursery School New Heaven in Connecticut, United States. But Martha Whitmore Hickman didn’t work there long as she left in 1952.

From 1974 to 1980 she worked as an Information specialist at United Methodist Church. And all that time she was cherishing a dream of becoming a freelance writer. Finally, in 1980 she made it – she left her job to become a freelance writer and inspirer and healer for many in grief.

Martha’s best known book, for sure, is Healing After Loss, a set of meditations for people dealing with grief. It is a wonderful book, full of meditation instructions and other practices Healing After Loss, a set of meditations for people dealing with griefto work through grief and providing comfort for its readers.

It is a classic Book of Books for those, who have suffered the loss of their loved ones and want to get back to life. In other words, Healing After Loss is a chicken soup for soul.

Martha Whitmore Hickman was the author of more than twenty other books, such as essays in iambic, fiction and even children’s books like kristin hannah firefly lane.

The most well-known of the published ones are: The Growing Season, Fullness of Time, and I Will Not Leave You Desolate.

Her children’s books are: And God Created Squash, When Andy’s Father Went to Prison, and Eeps Creeps, and It’s My Room.

Martha was a member of Chair Citizens for Clark & Dilworth, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Also, a member of Society Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Authors Guild, and Phi Beta Kappa (since her University years).

She was not only active in social life, but also had great sense of humor, and it helped her to build strong and close relationships with many people. She was also very active in many church and community pursuits.

As for her hobbies in personal life and spare time – reading, travel, knitting, and painting were her passion.

Martha Whitmore Hickman was married to Hoyt Leon Hickman, and they spent many years together. She and her husband had four children: Peter, John, Stephen, and Mary.

Together they suffered the loss of their beloved 16-year-old daughter in a horse-riding accident. That tragic fact inspired Hickman to write her bestseller – Healing After Loss.

Her books helped many people to find peace of mind and cope with difficult life stages. Martha Whitmore H. died peacefully at the age of 89 in California, but her writing and message to people are still alive.

Guest Author: Tony Robbins Biography

tony robbins biographyWho is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins. We all know the name. Tony is an American entrepreneur, life coach, and philanthropist who has helped millions of people reach success in life.

Tony Robbins was born Anthony Mahavoric in February of 1960. He is the eldest of three children. After his parents divorced and his mother remarried, he was adopted by her new husband Jim Robbins, thus giving him the last name that we know him by.

When Tony was 17 years of age, he left his family home that he described as being “chaotic” and “abusive.” He elected never to return.

Instead, he began to pave his own road to success by working on his career. At this time, he began promoting seminars for Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker, and author.

In the early 1980s, Tony Robbins’ career began to soar even further. He taught Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP and even partnered with a co-founder of Neurolinguistic Programming named John Grinder.

Around this time Tony Robbins learned how to firewalk as well, and incorporated this new skill into the seminars that he spoke at.

The year 1988 brought on even greater success for Robbins. He released his very first infomercial, called Personal Power, which helped establish him as “peak performance coach.”

Personal Power was highly successful at broadcasting his services, gaining him exposure that was far and wide indeed, and he was even able to begin selling self-help tapes to those who were interested.

By the year of 1991, over 100 million Americans had seen his infomercials.



As time has moved forward, Tony Robbins has continued to help those in need of help and guidance. One of the steps he has taken to aid individuals was to open a center for intervention that currently trains coaches of life skills to aid families and individuals who are suffering from problems with addiction, and other issues that are holding them back.

As of the year 2017, Tony Robbins has written a total of 5 books, four of them being best-sellers.

Throughout these writings, as well as his teachings at seminars and beyond, he expresses the importance of mastering emotions, the power of the decisions we make, and that to enjoy a truly extraordinary life, we must master both fulfillment and achievement.

Each year, Robbins holds seminars that are well-attended. He speaks not only about the personal achievements that ones can reach out for, but how to succeed financially and otherwise.

Tony has not only centered his work around aiding those around the world in reaching success, he has made helping others his whole life and incorporates a range of other authored works like Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

In 1991, Robbins set up the Anthony Robbins Foundation, a charity that makes a difference in the quality of life of many demographics of individuals.

He has also donated profits to charities that help others, such as Feeding America.

In conclusion, Tony Robbins is the name of an individual who, from an early age, has brought something to the table when it comes to changing the lives of others. We certainly are thankful for what he has already done, and will continue to follow his guidance.